A lady went to her pastor crying uncontrollably, ‘’papa please help me’’. How can I help you? because I cant see any problem in you ‘’pastor said.’’ She deep her hand into her hand bag and brought out a picture that she took many years ago. when the pastor saw the picture, he agreed that there was serious problem.

my dear what is the problem? she replied: daddy, I went to the hospital ten years ago and I was diagnosed with with HIV/AIDS and I have been on medication but I am tired, I just want to die.

as the pastor closed his eyes while crying to God in prayer, God said, tell her that she is carrying a report which is not hers. the said to her, ‘’hey my dear, carry your medical report, go and see another doctor, God says you are HIV negative’’

She left and went straight to a different doctor. after a test, the results came out negative. She went back to the church and thanked God for healing her of HIV/AIDS.



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